Are you in urgent need of a specialist in your team? Do you have enough capacity? Is one of your employees on sick leave or have they suddenly left their position? Do you need to temporarily give your team an extra boost? In cases such as production transfers, new project launches, extra demands from clients, increasing production capacity, and etcetera; companies will need an extra pair of hands in their workforce.

Interim management is a contemporary method of finding personnel to meet urgent company needs. An interim manager joins a company as an executive member to execute specific tasks meant to last a specifically defined period of time. Different from consulting, he/she immediately becomes a fully-fledged member of your team working on predefined goals within a clearly predefined time of the interim project (usually from 3 to 9 months).  Accordingly, you have a full-time specialist for as long as you need them.

We keep a team of specialists across many industrial sectors, namely; quality, logistics, technology, project management, human resources, and finance. These employ experience in a wide range of commodities, for example plastics, metals, welded parts, lightning technology, leather, textile, and etcetera, and on multiple levels from specialists to managers.

Benefits that you will appreciate

  • Quick response

    • Do you need to implement a project urgently? We are able to start a project within days. We will provide an expert who can become involved in the project within several days. Your project will not suffer delays or stagnate.
  • Expertise

    • We are a specialist in interim management and consulting. We have been working with experienced professionals in the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and throughout the world for more than 10 years.
  • The set up goals are quickly achieved

    • Upon the project start, goals will be defined. Our consultant shall immediately start working on the goals. Achieving such goals will become the consultant’s main mission.
  • Flexible project time

    • The respective project term will be flexibly defined on the basis of the client’s requirements. At the start, the project term will be defined, as well as the possibility of extension where necessary.
  • Solution of critical situations

    • We will help you avert a crisis. If your company is in a critical situation, our manager will help resolve it in record time. Do not hesitate to employ services of experts, whose experience will break new ground for your company.

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